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50 Cent - Call Me lyrics

Call Me is the 0th song on the album of 50 Cent launched in . and the lyrics below have 200 visits. You are here because you LIKE this song and you are probably searching for its lyrics so, do not forget to make a nice review and come back for new lyrics anytime.

Verse 1 (intro)
Hey baby why don't you put ya numba an dis peice of paper,
so maybe i could call ya later

I got 6 miles to go,
before i pick up dis ho,
so get in the car,
i'll give ya 50 buckz to go wit me to the bar

Verse 2
I tried callin ya but ya didnt pick up,
i'm tired now and itz all fucked up,
shut the hell up,
dis is how itz every day,
watch ya back or ya gonna have to pay
If ya want it like dis don't ever Call ME again.....
Ya Here!!!!!!???????

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